Echo Night: Beyond

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a game by Agetec
Platform: Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Echo Night: Beyond
Echo Night: Beyond
Echo Night: Beyond
Echo Night: Beyond

The adventure genre has come along way in recent years with few developers looking back. The reason is mainly because of the slow pace those old games would follow and the fact that every so often you would get 'stuck'?, spending hours trying to advance the story. However, those same old adventure games also tended to draw you into the game and not let go until it was finished. Echo Night: Beyond is a throw back to the old adventure genre and although the game pace is definitely slower then most games, those who don't mind that will be treated to a fairly reasonable adventure game lacking in action but full of puzzles to solve.

Echo Night: Beyond starts out with you waking up in a crashed space shuttle on the moon's space station. Quickly you realize your fiancé is missing and everybody else is either dead or missing as well. As you begin to assess your surrounding it becomes apparent something has gone terribly wrong as the station is completely deserted except for these spirits, which appear to be the occupants of the space station.

As discussed before, the gameplay is similar to Myst where you travel through the game solving numerous puzzles by performing specific actions. The puzzles offer a wide range of difficulties but you shouldn't ever find yourself completely stuck. Mostly you're given a task and then strike out to find a solution. The heartbeat monitor is your only real concern and unless you want to become one of the mysterious spirits yourself, you'll keep a close watch on it. Otherwise you'll go from location to location working with good spirits and avoiding the bad ones. You'll be immersed in the eerie experience quickly as you push to find out what happened to your fiancé and deal with the many spirits, both good and evil.

As you can imagine, the environment is a bit dreary with a lot of shades of gray. It does however set the right mood and offers a decent amount of detail to draw you into the experience. The audio also fits the environment with chilling sound effects and specifically knowing when and when not to have sound effects.

As long as the old style adventure games don't scare you off, Echo Night: Beyond offers a reasonable performance. The puzzles are generally not going to get you completely stuck and the graphics and audio do a good job of creating the appropriate environment. Bottom line is if you enjoyed Myst, you might want to give Echo Night: Beyond a shot.

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