Kings Of The Beach-Professional Beach Volleyball

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a game by Electronic Arts
Platform: DOS
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
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Kings Of The Beach-Professional Beach Volleyball
Kings Of The Beach-Professional Beach Volleyball
Kings Of The Beach-Professional Beach Volleyball
Kings Of The Beach-Professional Beach Volleyball

It won't be long before Kings of the Beach is as hot as the sands of Malibu in July. Exceptional playability, refreshing graphics, compelling action — this videogame offers it all.

Beach volleyball is one of the nation's fastest-growing sports, and Kings of the Beach shows why. As either Sinjin Smith or Randy Stoklos — the leading money winners on today's pro beach-volleyball circuit — you can master such moves as the six-pack slammer, the dig, and the Kong block. Kings of the Beach is similar to the basketball game Jordan Vs. Bird: One on One in that it incorporates the individual scoring percentages, playing styles, strengths, and weaknesses of its two celebrity players, who helped develop their computer characters. And Kings goes one step further: It also incorporates the playing characteristics of every member of the Association of Volleyball Professionals (A VP).

Play are location and timing. The ball always lands on its own shadow, so stay on it. If you're too far away to get completely under the ball, but close enough to get a piece of it, your on-screen player automatically dives.

To spike, block, and even set your player properly, hitting the joystick button at precisely the right instant is paramount. Learning this timing requires — naturally — time. If you spend enough time on the practice courts, you'll soon be a beach assassin.

For sports fans long aggravated by mediocre officiating, Kings also includes a gratifying wrinkle. If you and the zebra disagree on a close call, tell him about it. If it was indeed close, you stand a good chance of reversing the decision. This can prove to be the turning point in heated tournament play. However, if the call doesn't go your way, it's best to play on. Too much intimidation can result in the deduction of a point.

Tournament Play is the game's greatest asset. With your partner, you travel the world to challenge AVP pros and local favorites (look for Bionic Lester from Skate or Die to make a cameo appearance). After every three consecutive match wins, an attractive lady provides you with a password to get to the next volleyball venue.

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