Patch Quest

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a game by Lychee Game Labs
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Patch Quest
Patch Quest
Patch Quest

Ok, so when you hear that Patch Quest is another indie-inspired roguelike/Metroidvania game you may be inclined to roll your eyes, but I feel that is actually pretty harsh. This does have much of what you would expect from games in this genre, but the whole “animal/creature” dynamic that they have here where its gimmick is you can ride on anything is pretty damn cool.

Welcome To Patchlantis

The setting of the game is a strange land called Patchlantis that has been hidden away for a very long time and nature has taken it over. Monsters and all kinds of dangerous traps are waiting here for anyone who is daring enough to come and explore this fantastic land.

There is not a great deal of “story” to Patch Quest, but the premise and the vast amount of monsters that the game has give it a ton of personality that had me smiling, even when I was dying over and over again.

The Storm In The Night

Each time you play a round of Patch Quest the level will be different. Different layout, different traps, different monsters, and different rewards. The idea is that a storm each night changes the layout of the land. This is a pretty cool way of explaining a randomly generated land. Your base of operation is in the middle of this world. You can then choose where you go each time. There are dungeons, jungles, deserts, and coastal areas too. The different biomes and the randomly generated nature of the levels ensure that things never become too predictable.

Monster Riding!

The gimmick of Patch Quest is that every single creature in the game can be mounted. These creatures have a ton of personality and they all differ in some way. The Buzzerker for example is a buff bee-looking thing that can fly. Combusdile is a cool crocodile who can spit fire, Sandamander can dig underground! This is just a handful of the crazy monsters that the game has to offer you.

A Little Better Each Time

This is the kind of game where you will die and die a lot, but that is ok. I always felt like this game rewarded you even just a little bit at the end of each round. You need to enter each level, fight the monsters that want you dead, get loot, level up and earn new upgrades that will make each round that little bit easier… in theory. Exploration is greatly encouraged and you can find some cool items, shortcuts, and monsters when you take a chance and try to go somewhere that looks a little bit as if it is off the beaten path.


I have played so many rogue-like and Metroidvania indie games that many of them blend together. Patch Quest on the other hand thanks to its awesome gimmick of letting you ride the various monsters that you come across. While the gameplay is not like it, Pokémon is certainly something that came to mind as I was coming across all these awesome and charming creatures. I can see this game becoming a major hit and being one of the standout indie titles of 2021.


  • The monsters are awesome and very imaginative
  • I liked how the monsters offered you different abilities
  • Different biomes and randomly generated levels keep things fresh
  • The way you always earn something, keeps you going


  • This game can be very tough
  • Why is there not merch for these monsters planned???

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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