We Were Here Forever

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a game by Total Mayhem Games
Platform: PC (2022)
Editor Rating: 9.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 3 votes
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We Were Here Forever
We Were Here Forever
We Were Here Forever
We Were Here Forever

The latest entry in a long-running series of puzzling adventures, We Were Here Forever will once again challenge players as they immerse themselves into a world of fantasy and delightful storytelling. As you plot your escape from Castle Rock and rely on your fellow prisoner to solve riddles and conquer obstacles, you might soon find that this one might be the best entry in the series so far.

Exploring atmospheric castle landscapes has never looked as good as it does in We Were Here Forever. The asymmetric co-op gameplay the series is known for makes a glorious comeback, offering players a glimpse into a wondrous world of puzzles and perils that will entrap you with its superb gameplay and its over-the-top narrative.

Return To Castle Rock

Veterans of the series might not need an introduction to what the We Were Here games are all about – but those looking for an amazing co-op puzzling experience are missing out if they had never seen these titles before.

Much like It Takes Two, We Were Here Forever will test your and one of your friends’ puzzle-solving skills. As an arctic explorer, the two of you find yourselves trapped in some sort of alternate reality called Castle Rock, where riddles and all manners of weird obstacles will keep you trapped – unless you and your partner cooperate.

Developed by Total Mayhem Games, We Were Here Forever is, like its predecessors, a standalone experience that welcomes players into the bizarre world that the developers have created. This means that even if you have never played another game in the We Were Here series, the story of Forever will still make sense to you.

Still, it is recommended that new players try the other games before delving deeper into We Were Here Forever – mostly because it is an amazing series that fans of the puzzle genre are sure to love.

Puzzling Fantasy

Perhaps one of the strongest suits of We Were Here Forever is how incredibly detailed the game’s world feels. The overall look and feel of the title almost feel like it was designed by Tim Schafer – it’s almost like it takes place in Psychonauts.

The colors and world design are simply top-notch in every way. It might not be a graphically-intensive game, but that doesn’t mean that We Were Here Forever isn’t jaw-droppingly gorgeous in its own way.

This is a game that rewards careful exploration by dispersing bits and pieces of hidden lore that only the most inquisitive players will be able to find. All that said, when it comes to the actual puzzles in the game, there might be a bit of a steep learning curve for some players.

Some of the puzzles in the game are decidedly not for everyone to tackle. Only the most dedicated players can find the solutions to some of the brain teasers presented in We Were Here Forever. Add to that that players will have to solve these puzzles while in multiplayer mode and you got yourself the perfect recipe to test what most friendships are actually made of.


We Were Here Forever continues the series’ tradition of being a top-notch puzzling experience, as long as you have a friend who's willing to play the game with you in the first place.


  • Gorgeous visuals
  • Hard puzzles that will be challenging to any player
  • Great co-op gameplay and interactions


  • No singleplayer mode at all

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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