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Sega Genesis


Haunting Game
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  • Baby's Day Out
    Baby's Day Out You are the guardian angel of a baby who is the target of some rather moronic would-be kidnappers. Help him escape by...
  • Casper
Your job is to scare each family member out of the house by possessing various objects in the house.
Sega Genesis SNES

Bulls vs. Blazers and the NBA Playoffs

Bulls vs. Blazers and the NBA Playoffs Game
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Another update in Electronic Arts' basketball series, this time featuring the teams and players from the 1992 NBA playoffs plus the East and West All-Stars.
Sega Genesis

Team USA Basketball

Team USA Basketball Game
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A team like this comes along once in a lifetime! Give the world a driving lesson it will never forget. Each team USA member's style of play is authentic, right down to individual signature moves. Dominate in Barcelona and teach the world how to sing our national anthem. Rule the world court. Team USA Basketball is full 5-on-5 action with international rules. See how well the American brand of hoops translates!
Sega Genesis

Techno Clash

Techno Clash Game
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Techno Clash is a top-down scrolling action/adventure game. The player controls Ronaan, whose goal is to track down and defeat the Engine Man.

Mutant League Hockey

Hockey with an attitude! It's mutated mayhem on the ice in the wildest, funniest, goriest game ever. 23 wild mutant teams and 23 unique arenas, each with bizarre obstacles like exploding mines and ice pits. Call nasty plays like exploding pucks and..
Sega Genesis

Virtual Pinball

Good, old-fashioned pinball doesn't hold a candle to the fast-paced excitement and originality of Virtual Pinball.
Sega Genesis

Supercross 2000

Ride, Race, and Fly with Style! Choose from 24 top Supercross and Freestyle riders. Awesome handlebar-to-handlebar racing! 16 real stadium tracks develop grooves and ruts as the race develops. Realistic motorcycle handling in Pro mode or easier con..
Nintendo 64

Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra

It's the third game in the role-playing game series Might and Magic. Released in 1991, it is the predecessor to Might and Magic IV: Clouds of Xeen, and the sequel to Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World.
Sega Genesis SNES

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001

Think you can rip the PGA Tour to shreds as well as Tiger Woods?

NHL Hockey 94

Over 25 NEW features in HOCKEY '94! 4-Way Play Support - Use the EA Sports 4-Way Play and NHL '94 becomes a 1, 2, 3 or 4 player game! Goalie Control - You control the double pad stacks and kick saves of all the greats. Penalty Shots and Shootout Mo..
Sega Genesis

Madden NFL 95

ACTION! Ultra-competitive computer opponent. New 3-D rendered player moves; straight arms, high steppin', QB slides. Bigger field DEPTH! Complete 1994 NFLPA rosters. 48 player rosters - sub any player in any formation. Over 100 player injuries. Ful..
Sega Genesis SNES

Space Hulk

What Space Hulk offers Is a scary and difficult first-person perspective strategy game.

PGA Tour 96

PGA Tour 96 is a Golf Sim game, developed by NuFX and published by EA Sports, which was released in 1991.
Sega Genesis

Triple Play 98

Don't expect EA Sports' Triple Play 98 to be nothing more than a slightly spruced-up version of last year's game.

Street Sk8er

Are you a closet skateboarder? Do you look at ramps in local skate parks, wishing you had a board, a nice sunny afternoon, some liquid refreshment, a loud punk band, and guts enough to actually use the damn thing?

NHL Hockey 91

The only game to score with the NHL! Includes all 22 NHL teams and two All-Star teams - each skater modeled on 14 different attributes, such as scoring, skating, aggression, and rink awareness. All the fast-paced action of real hockey - superior sk..
Sega Genesis

Fade To Black

First there was Out of This World, then came Flashback and now players have the opportunity to try Delphine's third attempt, Fade to Black.

Mario Andretti Racing

The game's greatest innovation was the presence of different physics and AI for three kinds of racing in one cartridge.
Sega Genesis

Madden NFL 96

All 30 NFL teams, including Jacksonville and Carolina. Hidden codes reveal secret teams and players. Create Player Combine Scouting - Game within the game. All-new 3-D rendered graphics and animations: over-the-top dives, kneeling catches, logos in..
Sega Genesis SNES

Lakers vs Celtics

Lakers vs. Celtics is an amazing, realistic simulation of the 1989 NBA playoffs, which features the eight teams that made the quarterfinals.
Sega Genesis

Triple Play 99

Fans of the Triple Play series will immediately feel at home with the 99 edition.


You are a robot and the gods have chosen to fight with you, this time sending three of their own fancy robots to sport with you.

EA Sports 2-in-1 Pack

2 games in 1. Rugby football and Hockey.
Sega Genesis


CyberTiger is a 2000 golf video game featuring the professional golfer, Tiger Woods. Woods is the main opponent in the game and is the best rated player in the game.
Nintendo 64

FIFA 2001 Major League Soccer

EA Sports will release FIFA MLS as their first title for the PS2 later this spring in Japan.

NHL 95

This is not your ordinary cup! It's the Stanley Cup! And only the victors of the grueling NHL season earn the right to have their name engraved on it. That's a whole season of blistering slap shots, board checks, hot rookies and mid-season trades. ..
Sega Genesis SNES

FIFA Rtwc 98

FI FA: RWC 98 could go down in history as the most meticulously detailed sport sim ever.

Toughman Contest

Are you TOUGH enough? Bone-crunchingly real, all-corners boxing! 32 Meg graphics and sounds. 24 individually rated boxers and 14 special moves including Windmill Wind-up, Haymaker and Popeye Punch.
Sega Genesis


In Electronic Arts' "Delta Force for Dummies" you take control of a commando team that looks like it was yanked out of an anime cartoon.

Michael Jordan in Chaos in the Windy City

The game played much like other 2D platformers of its time, collecting keys and defeating enemies with a variety of different techniques. The player controls Michael Jordan on a quest to save the rest of the players for an All-Star charity game, wh..


Madden NFL 2000

The speed and power of NFL football! Faster moves and breakaway speed for bigger plays. Body slams and collisions, drag-downs and de-cleaters, explosive sticking and crunching gang tackles. Ultra-fast blur moves, helmet-popping hits, more scoring, ..
Nintendo 64

Bill Walsh College Football 95

Just as in any football game you try to drive the ball down field for a touchdown! Watch out for penalties!
Sega Genesis

James Pond

When oceans are threatened, only Pond has the guts to save the day! From plugging oil tankers to rescuing mermaids, no mission is too dangerous. He's fearless, he's daring, he's ozone friendly!
Sega Genesis

Super Baseball 2020

Conventional baseball no longer exists in the year 2020. The "Super Baseball Association" has been very profitable over the years with robotics power players up against the strongest of athletes. Due to the secret manipulation of certain robotics t..
Sega Genesis SNES


Since this is a shoot-em-up, your main goal is to get through each stage while destroying and dodging an onslaught of enemy fighters and encounter a huge boss at the end of each stage.
Sega Genesis

Knockout Kings 2001

Part of boxing's lure is the personalities behind the gloves, and the PS2 is the perfect system to portray them in EA's boxing game.

PGA 97

Time to Tec off with Electronic Arts latest. PGA Tour '97 on the PlayStation.

PGA Tour Golf 2

The only Sega Genesis game with all the sights, sounds, and shots of the PGA Tour. Now the ultimate big money shootout: a new skins challenge you can play on any course. Plus all new digitized sounds. Six unique TPC courses. A fantasy course. Plus ..
Sega Genesis

Killing Game Show

This game is a mixture between platformer and shoot'em up. It looks very similar to the popular computer video game Turrican.
Sega Genesis

Jelly Boy

SmartBall lives up to its American title by forcing players to strategize as they go about maneuvering the pliable, blob-like character through the game's 16 levels of play.
Sega Genesis


Skate with all the greats! Over 500 real players have skated into the hot sequel to NHL Hockey. Now you can skate, stick and score with all the greats - Robataille, Chelios, Recchi, and Mullen. Rosters of every professional team including expansion..
Sega Genesis

Shockwave Assault Operation Jumpgate

This add-on disc to the popular Shockwave Assault: Invasion Earth gives players more missions and opportunities to blast invading alien scum on a variety of barren planets.

Triple Play 96

Triple Play 96 is a Baseball Sim game, developed by Extended Play Productions and published by EA Sports, which was released in 1995.
Sega Genesis

Coach K College Basketball

Choose from over 50 offensive plays and 14 defensive sets to add to your on-the-fly play-calling system, or let Coach K guide you through each play in detail.
Sega Genesis

PGA Tour Golf 3

PGA Tour Golf 3 lets you compete on the TOUR like never before. Realistic digitized TOUR pros and swings, 8 TPC courses and stunning state-of-the-art graphics. The all new ball cursor feature allows precise control of each shot. Control the draw an..
Sega Genesis

Madden 97

It's gut-check time for EA Sports and their Madden football franchise.

Triple Play Baseball 2002

As you probably guessed, not much has changed in the last Triple Play scheduled for the PS one.

Battle Stations

In the tradition of the Strike series, Electronic Arts is releasing another military-themed action/strategy game.

NHLPA Hockey '93

Real hockey, real players, real action. Skate with the game's greatest players as you go head-to-head with over 500 professional hockey stars.

MLBPA Baseball

It was one of the first console games to feature Major League Baseball player names and statistics.
Sega Genesis SNES

Moto Racer GP

From the creators of Fade to Black comes Moto Racer GP.

Tour De Thrash

Yo, dude! Skate or Die returns on this GameBoy edition of the Stale Fish Tour featuring the Retro-Rocket Ramp!

Shockwave Assault

Shockwave Assault: Invasion Earth is a soon-to-be released EA title that will give players an action-filled flying game with a story line.

Dai Konsen

Choose your virtual leader, either General Chaos or General Havoc, and get ready to exhibit your military mastery.
Sega Genesis

Toughman Contest 32X

So you think you're ready for the TOUGHMAN CONTEST®? Strap on the gloves and we'll find out. This is my big shot and I'm not going to be stopped. Not by you, not by NOBODY. I've been workin' 12 hours a day in a meat packing plant using my fists to ..
Sega Genesis

PGA Tour 98

PGA Tour 98 is showing strong signs of substantial improvement over its predecessor (unlike the somewhat disappointing PGA Tour 97).

Rugby World Cup 95

Featuring 30 international teams including 15 World Cup qualifiers Rugby World Cup 95 is the closest you can get to the real thing without cracking a rib.
Sega Genesis

NBA Pro Basketball - Bulls vs Lakers

The NBA Live series of basketball video games, published by EA Sports, is currently one of the leading National Basketball Association simulations on the market.
Sega Genesis

John Madden Football 93 - Championship Edition

John Madden Football Championship Edition is a Football Sim game, developed by Looking Glass Studios and published by EA Sports, which was released in 1992.
Sega Genesis

Australian Rugby League

Australian Rugby League is a fine game. It looks good, plays good, and has ton of modes and teams to choose from.
Sega Genesis

NHL Hockey 92

Real hockey, real players, real action. Skate with the game's greatest players as you go head-to-head with over 500 professional hockey stars.
Sega Genesis

Skate or Die 2

Your adventure begins on the Street where you cruise crowded concrete, plumb the sewers, and explore warehouses to load up on goodies you can trade for better boards and moves.

Ultima Online: Third Dawn

The game is played the same as it has always been, though the interface has been upgraded somewhat.

Madden 96

Madden is the man, and this year Madden has been dissected and EA Sports has created an entirely new football game.

NBA Pro Basketball '94

The most comprehensive basketball simulation of all time! 5-on-5 basketball - the REAL game! Build your own dream teams! NEW faster play, NEW free throw perspective, NEW graphics and game engine, NEW signature dunks! NEW NBA season - 82 games, all ..
Sega Genesis

NHL Rock the Rink

This is one wicked slugfest of a hockey game. You know that old joke “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out...”

Risky Woods

Prepare to risk it all! The ancient monks who preserve the wisdom of the Lost Lands have been frozen in stone. Young Rohan must plunge into the Risky Woods to release them. Only then can wisdom triumph once again! Battle your way through Risky Wood..
Sega Genesis

Rush Down

Electronic Arts expands on its extreme sports line with Rush Down, a racing game featuring mountain biking, snowboarding and kayaking.

NBA Showdown 94

The NBA Live series of basketball video games, published by EA Sports, is currently one of the leading National Basketball Association simulations on the market.
Sega Genesis

ESPN Baseball Tonight

ESPN Baseball Tonight is a Baseball Sim game, developed by Park Place Productions and published by Sony Imagesoft, which was released in 1995.
Sega Genesis SNES

NHL '94

Real hockey, real players, real action. Skate with the game's greatest players as you go head-to-head with over 500 professional hockey stars.

Sesame Street Counting Cafe

Sesame Street Counting Cafe is an Edutainment game, developed and published by Electronic Arts, which was released in 1994.
Sega Genesis

NHL 96 Elitserien

Elitserien 96 is an Ice Hockey Sim game, developed by High Score Productions and published by Electronic Arts, which was released in Europe in 1995.
Sega Genesis

Jordan vs Bird - Super One-on-One

Super one-on-one intense action: Larry's dead-eye outside game against Michael's explosiveness!
Sega Genesis

Bill Walsh College Football

Football simulator featuring the top twenty-four college football teams from 1992 and twenty-four of the all-time teams since 1978.
Sega Genesis SNES