Call of Duty 2022

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a game by Infinity Ward
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
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Call of Duty 2022
Call of Duty 2022
Call of Duty 2022
Call of Duty 2022

The Call of Duty 2022 is set to be an interesting one in the eyes of fans. Playing the agile and fast paced gameplay of recent entries has become a bit boring and repetitive for lots of players, so this year could prove to be a new horizon.

If you recall, in 2019, Activision released the reboot for Call of Duty Modern Warfare. This game was one that brought the Call of Duty franchise back to one of the best iterations it ever had. The game was widely well received and brought the emergence of Call of Duty Warzone, one of the world’s biggest battle royale games.


Seeing as this is a return of Modern Warfare, there will probably be a nice variety of modes available for players to enjoy. The exact modes aren’t known yet, but we are pretty sure that this game will try its best to imitate the classic Modern Warfare 2 game.

Therefore, we might be seeing the return of Search and Destroy, Hardpoint, Domination, Team Deathmatch and a few others. This will be exciting to witness as many Call of Duty fans have been anticipating these modes since their return in 2019. Furthermore, seeing as Activision has continued to support the Warzone BR attachment, Modern Warfare 2 for 2022 will be continuing the updates and additions.

Additionally, a new engine will be used for this game, bringing a truly new experience to the table for players to enjoy. With this new engine, maybe the storage issues riddled with recent Call of Duty titles will finally be addressed. The game and the new version of Warzone are being built together from the ground up. Apparently, Activision believes that this new warzone will be a ‘Massive evolution of BR’. This new Warzone might just be the next thing to challenge titles like Apex Legends.


This new Call of Duty will probably act as a continuation of the events from Modern Warfare 2019. In that game, players followed the CIA and British SAS forces team up with rebels from a fictional country to push back Russian invaders. The game’s campaign was an instant hit for fans of the franchise and newcomers alike. MW 2019 racked up a variety of awards including the Game Critics Awards’ Best Online Multiplayer title and a 2020 Golden Joystick Awards’ Esports Game of the Year. The love for single player campaigns is definitely not dead yet as players enjoyed this campaign, and even Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was respected for its campaign.


Infinity Ward is probably the most respected Call of Duty studio within the fanbase. Seeing how they’ll be leading the charge for 2022, they must deliver and create a worth experience that players will look back on for years to come. We are highly anticipating this new title with cautious excitement.


  • New engine
  • Modern Warfare Campaign
  • Upgrades to Warzone


  • No news on addressing cheaters in Warzone

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