Killing Floor

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a game by Tripwire Interactive
Platform: PC (2009)
Editor Rating: 7.3/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Killing Floor
Killing Floor
Killing Floor

As I write this the original Killing Floor is just about ten years old! That is pretty crazy, even crazier is that this game started out as a mod before becoming its own thing. The original Killing Floor is a blood soaked, gore fest of a first-person shooter and today we are looking at what made this stand out from the rest.

Ello, Mate!

One of the things that first caught my eye about Killing Floor is that it is set in merry old England. The game is about a scientific base that was doing cloning experiments. Of course, this was a terrible idea, something went wrong and now there are zombies (sorry ZED’s as the game calls them) causing chaos. You are part of an elite military team that is sent in to clean the area of the infected. Killing Floor does have a story and while not bad. The voice acting is pretty terrible and the overall presentation could have done with some extra coats of HD paint. Still, Killing Floor is not a game that is trying to get by on its looks.

How Long Can You Survive?

In theory, Killing Floor is a pretty simple game. There are hordes and hordes of ZED’s and you need to survive wave after wave of them until you get to face a boss. The shooting mechanics feel great and the gore is completely over the top, so much so that there is a special slow-mo Hollywood style camera that shows all the gore in all its glory. Objective Mode is a more in-depth take on this formula. You will still be trying to survive for as long as you can. However, you also have different objectives that you need to do. Also, you get money, money which can be used to buy or sell stuff like ammo, weapons, armor and so on.

Fight Together

While you can play Killing Floor as a single player game, it is very much a game that encourages team play. If you do play this with friends you have to work as a team. You can share items with friends and when it comes to healing items, you will find that more health is given when a friend heals you rather than when you heal yourself. This helps to build up some comradery between you guys and it makes you have to really watch each other’s back. Like similar games, Killing Floor will keep on going as long as one of you are alive. If that player can survive to the next wave, the dead players get to come back, all be it without the weapon that they had when they died.

Lots to Customize

The selection of characters is great, but Killing Floor also has some great perks that you can use. These will upgrade as you play and can make a real difference. For example, one perk will make you a better marksman and the way you improve it is by doing headshots. There is a great selection of weapons for you to play around with ranging from melee weapons like an ax to really powerful shotguns. As well as weapons, you can also get survival items. These include things like a welding torch to seal doors and armor that will let you soak up more damage. There is a lot going on in Killing Floor and finding the best items for your play style does make it far deeper than many people give it credit for.


Killing Floor actually holds up pretty well. While the graphics and the voice acting are rather subpar. I do think that the fast and exciting gameplay along with the buckets of blood makes it still a fun game to play. Of course, the second game does improve on what this offers, but I still feel there is plenty of charm in the original Killing Floor.


  • Has more depth than you would think
  • Set in England which is cool
  • Plenty of weapons to play around with
  • The perk system is very interesting and kind of like a class system
  • Over the top violence and gore


  • The graphics have not aged very well
  • Voice acting was terrible even back in 2009!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

For me, Killing Floor is one of those games that makes me feel old. I say this because as I write this, Killing Floor is pretty much at its ten-year anniversary! While it may have started its life as a rather simple mod. Killing Floor has now become its very own series and it is a series full of guns, blood, and zombies.

The Story

There is a story that runs through Killing Floor and while not the best story in the world, it does move things along. The idea is that over in the UK there are some scientists who are working on cleaning experiments. Of course, things go wrong and as a result, there is a zombie outbreak. Actually, Killing Floor refers to its zombies as ZED’s and these things are on a rampage. You are sent in as part of this military team who is there to take down the ZED’s and secure the site. I actually think the story is not that bad at all and it is like something you would see in a straight to DVD movie and I am cool with that.

The Presentation

Even back when Killing Floor was first released it was not regarded as a game that was a real looker. Now though it really does show its age. Killing Floor is not a horrible looking game, but there is a really low budget kind of feel to the look of the whole game. In a way, as the game has a somewhat “Grindhouse” feel to the story, the low budget style of it does kind of work in its favor. The sound is both good and bad, but I think I mean bad in a good way. The voice acting is very cheesy and bad in places, but you kind of like it as there is a charm to it. The overall sound in the game from the spats, gunshots, and soundtrack are all pretty fitting.

The Gameplay

If you were to watch a short five-minute video of Killing Floor you would think that it was just a mindless horde style game. Do not get me wrong, surviving wave after wave of enemies is what Killing Floor is about, but there is more to it than that. You will need to survive a wave of base enemies and then you get to face a boss. Sometimes you are giving a little bit extra to do, but for the most part, each level will follow the same formula. Thankfully the shooting mechanics are so much fun that it does not really get old like you would think it would.

Killing Floor is a much better game when you play it with other people. Working as a team is a lot of fun and I like the way that the game will reward you for healing other players. It is always better to heal other players and be healed by another player than healing yourself so keep that in mind.

There is cash that you can earn and this is what you use to upgrade in between stages. Ammo, weapons, upgrades and so on can be purchased. There are survival items and different perks that you can use as well which can make things a little easier for you and also let you play the game the way you would want.

Final Thoughts On Killing Floor

While it may not be a pretty looking game, Killing Floor is still a lot of fun to play. I really dig how over the top the blood and gore are and playing this with some friends is a great time. In all honesty with you guys, the only reason I am not scoring this higher is that the sequel, Killing Floor 2 does what this does and it does it better. Still, I would never turn down a friend if they asked if I wanted to play some Killing Floor!

Final Score: 7.5/10


  • The gameplay is a lot of fun
  • The story fits the tone of the game quite well
  • It offers you a ton of weapons to use
  • Perks and survival skills make things very interesting
  • The gore is crazy!


  • This really is not a very good-looking game
  • While good, Killing Floor 2 surpasses it in every way

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