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a game by Homebased
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Train, battle, and raise the perfect bum fighter in Garbage, a curious game set in a cruel and grimy world. While Garbage’s setting and themes might be a bit controversial, there’s no denying that the gameplay loop is seriously addictive. An epic tale set in a suburban world of hobos and fights, there’s certainly a lot to unpack here.

Developed by Homebased, there are a lot of mechanics to explore in Garbage. Sadly, not all of them are properly explained, and the few that are can be cryptic as well. Let’s see what this dirty fight club has in store for players.

Garbage All-Around

With a name like Garbage, you might already know what to expect from the game’s visual style. The game’s set in the slums of a big city, where you must amass an army of bums to fight and, eventually, own the streets. While that might sound a bit dehumanizing, everything’s done in a comedic manner, with the game’s characters never taking themselves too seriously. This game doesn’t aim to be a critique of the socioeconomic structure of modern society: it just wants to be a funny hobo fight simulator. In that regard, it succeeds, with some small caveats.

Hobo Battles

As we mentioned before, training your bums is an integral part of Garbage’s gameplay. Doubly so, since you really have no direct control over your characters in battle. Think of the first Digimon World game if it had homeless people instead of digital monsters. You must take care of your characters as you would a virtual pet, and that means making sure they’re properly fed and rested. Also, you must provide them with training facilities to keep them in tip-top shape for battle.

Gathering resources becomes vital for progressing in the game, as there’s a weather and seasons system that affects how much you’ll bleed resources during the colder months.

Sure, your characters fight by themselves, but that doesn’t mean that you have no say in the outcome of your battles. Each character has its own skill tree that players can customize to build the ultimate fighter. This system is surprisingly deep, allowing for a great level of customization for your characters. Every preparation must be done before each fight, and, afterward, all hell breaks loose. Just like Digimon World, your hobos will begin fighting on their own – and it will be up to how well you used your available skills if you win or lose.

Cryptic Interface

Perhaps the biggest problem with Garbage is just how complicated its mechanics can get. The game simply tries to cram as much info into every window as humanly possible, all while leaving vital information hidden from the player.

A cluttered UI is the least of our concerns when it comes to Garbage’s inner workings. There are tons of cryptic elements scattered throughout the screen, with the current objectives being one of the biggest offenders of the bunch. Thankfully, things like the map interface and the Diablo-like inventory system are clear enough. The visuals are also quite good, which is a big plus for a game like this. Story cutscenes are presented in a comic book fashion that adds a ton of personality to the game’s presentation.


Garbage is an entertaining strategy game that’s unlike any other in the market right now. Although it can be a bit confusing at times, the overall gameplay is solid enough to recommend for most players.


  • Great visuals
  • Fun gameplay loop
  • Great voice acting


  • Confusing UI
  • Questionable themes

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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